Mini Hot Pot & Milk Tea

Mealtime was founded in Shanghai, China, in 2018.

It integrates the new collision of mini hot pot and bubble tea, subverts the tradition,and creates aprecedent in the industry. 

Our first UK restaurant was lunched on Goodge Street, London, in June 2023.

Our concept of natural, fresh and original echoes thepassion and vitality of the city. 

It will become the bestchoice for meal in the new generation.

The Brand Concept

Concept 1 Malatang - Mini Hot Pot

A bowl of good spicy hot pot should be the original taste of the food.

 A normal spicy hot pot shop is a large pot of stew, in MealTime,we make sure

one person a pot. 

Now choose and cook, meat first and then vegetables That\'s what authenticity is all about. 

Come to Mealtime Find your natural self and make it easy to get healthy Natural, Fresh and Original 

Concept 2 Milk Tea  

The rich creamy milk foam pairs beautifully with our teas

creating the ultimate tea experience Come and try Mealtime\'s signature product yourselves See what all the fun is about! Sanitary and healthy

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